Joint Boardroom Brief: Cyber-crime, would your business know how to respond?

  • Tuesday, May 28, 2013
  • 12:00 - 14:00
  • "Surasak Room 2-3", Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn, 33/1 South Sathorn Road


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All companies have a legal and moral obligation to protect their customers' personal data, let alone protect their commercially sensitive information.  Data leakage remains, however, one of the biggest problems businesses face in today's technological world -- whether it be through poorly maintained systems, sophisticated cyber-attack or the difficult-to-detect 'insider threat'.

Most companies know they need to have secure networks in place, with up to date anti-virus and the latest patches installed. The fact remains, however, that practically every business will at some point will be touched by cyber-crime.

In the event you do become a victim, there are a myriad of issues surrounding the proper handling of electronic data that may subsequently be used as evidence in legal proceedings. If handled incorrectly vital evidence may be lost, altered or later disallowed in court.

AustCham in conjunction with the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) are delighted to invite members and friends to a briefing by Andrew Smith, Director of Computer Forensics Services from Orion Investigations. Andrew will provide an insight into the field of digital forensics and how it can benefit you or your company in the event you become a victim of cyber-crime.

Event details

Tuesday 28 May 2013
12:00 - 14:00
Cost: Baht 650 for members
  Baht 850 for non-members
Location: "Surasak Room 2-3", Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn, 33/1 South Sathorn Road
Surasak (connected to BTS Station by the hotel's sky bridge)

The presentation will cover the following subjects:

  • Emerging cyber threats in 2013
  • Digital forensics and the type of electronic devices that are often forensically examined
  • Use of digital forensics to gather intelligence and in legal proceedings
  • Issues surrounding the use of electronic data as evidence for court purposes
  • The benefits for you and your business
  • How to maintain the integrity of the data and demonstrate to the court the authenticity of the data
  • The types of investigations that digital forensics can assist with
  • The five stages a forensic investigator goes through when they forensically examine an electronic device (preservation, identification, extraction, interpretation and documentation)
  • The four principles of computer based evidence
  • The four levels of computer data
  • An insight into the kinds of data/information that can be recovered by forensics
  • Issues surrounding time and date stamps
  • How deleted data can be recovered
  • Current trends in investigations/technology
  • Mobile forensics
  • Some security tips
Guest speaker

ndrew Smith
Director of Computer Forensics Services, Orion Investigations Co., Ltd.

Andrew works for Orion Investigations which is a commercial investigation company based in Bangkok. He is responsible for the management of the Orion Computer Forensics Unit. His responsibilities include ensuring the unit operates to the highest international standards, business development and the development and delivery of training for clients and staff. Andrew is an experienced forensic investigator with extensive training and comprehensive experience in relation to criminal, corporate, malware and counter terrorism investigations within the UK and Europe. He has worked in the public sector with the South Yorkshire Police where he received his initial training in computer forensics and also in the private sector with a leading UK computer forensics company. He is also an experienced trainer having developed UK Law Society approved training courses and delivered master degree level forensic training. Andrew has developed a free memory analysis tool called MemGator and an incident response tool called LiveGator. With over ten years’ experience in the field of computer forensics Andrew has regularly appeared in court as an expert witness to present complex computer evidence.